World's leading identity verification

We just made onboarding so much easier for your customers. A few easy steps with a smartphone and the customer is identified with secure access to your online services. 100% remote, digital and smooth.

Converting new customers made simple

Expanding your customer base across digital channels should be easy for you too. At Identiway, this is our primary mission.

Identiway enables this process using three quick steps:


Customers sign in to their bank account


Customers chose a PIN code and enable Advanced electronic signature


Customers take a picture of a valid identity document

Our artificial intelligence provides an AML and KYC compliant solution and workflow tool that is easy to customise

We reduce costs of physical processes and document storage - by combining identity verification with an electronic signature your customers sign-in and confirm e-signature with touch ID


Our simple smartphone based customer journeys increase conversion by at least 50% vs traditional methods